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What Types of Gold Bullion are There? - Gold Bullion Co

What Types of Gold Bullion are There?

Gold Bullion exists in many different forms factors and shapes.  It also varies in its method of extraction and the methods of being formed into a bar. However, the value of the gold bullion is related to its purity and the weight of the gold.

Unlike in the jewellery market where the valuation will be affected by subjective factors such as the appearance and lustre of the gold, in gold investment, we are primarily concerned by the quality of the gold and the weight.

If the gold is from a legitimate source (and brokers such as the Gold Bullion Company would not be in the market to buy or sell anything else), these physical properties are the only thing that will prove important. So, with that in mind, what types of gold bullion are there?

Types of Gold Bar – The Cast Gold Bar

Cast gold bars are made in a similar method to ingots of gold.  The molten metal is poured into a bar-shaped mould.  It is then left to solidify as it returns to room temperature.  The mould is then removed from the gold brick.

This process can cause malformed bars with uneven surfaces, however, it is unlikely to be too much of an issue for its use as a source of wealth, as the bullion will still need to conform to weight and purity measures.  If the bullion bar does not meet these requirements, it is typically melted down again and its raw material used in the next production cycle.

Types of Gold Bar – The Minted Gold Bar

The minted gold bar is made in a completely different way.  It is cut from a block of gold, in much the same way as you would produce a coin.  This minting process uses a series of dies to create the size and texture of the gold bullion bars and the associated embossed lettering.  The weight of the bar is maintained, and the bar itself will possess the shiny lustre that is wanted by most personal investors, particularly those people who are giving gold as a gift.

In contrast to cast bars (which are often handled directly), minted bars are generally sealed in protective packaging to prevent tampering and keep them from becoming damaged.

Minted gold is also occasionally sold with a diffractive device embossed on to the gold bar.  This technique is called a kinebar and is a way of proving the authenticity of the product.

Where Does the Gold Come From?

The gold in gold bars comes from two main processes.  It is either mined, or it is recycled.  Recycled gold is simply melted down, it does not lose any of its value in the process.  If the gold is not pure, such as used in 9 karat gold jewellery, the alloy will be removed before it is cast into bars.

This kind of gold can also be recovered from manufacturing processes, as well as from electronic equipment where gold can be used to make high-quality circuits.

Whichever types of gold bullion you choose to invest in you can be sure that the prices on offer from the Gold Bullion Company are amongst the most competitive online.