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Quarter Sovereigns

Unfortunately, we don't currently have any 'Quarter Sovereigns' in stock - If you have gold or silver bullion bars or coins to sell, contact our buying team now on 01902 623 259.

Quarter Sovereigns were first introduced in 1853, with five shillings being the currency equivalent in value to the gold coin. During the first period of production, gold quarter sovereign coins were not popular as they were very small and difficult to handle with collectors concerned about how quick they would wear out. In 2009 quarter sovereign gold coins were brought back into production and were made available to the public. The coins are now seen as a great starter coin for people who are new to gold coin collecting. Quarter sovereign coins contain just under 2 grams of fine 22-carat gold, providing collectors with high quality minted bullion gold in a smaller size to full and half sovereigns. Browse our quarter sovereigns for sale online here at The Gold Bullion today. If you are interested in purchasing gold quarter sovereigns, we recommend viewing our live gold price chart so you can continue to monitor the current price of gold. If you cannot find the gold products you are looking for, contact us to speak to one of our team for expert advice.