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VAT Free Silver

Stored in the UK, these items are only vatable when they are being dispatched out of the LBMA vaults.

STORAGE ONLY - 5 x 1 Kilogram Silver Bar Baird & Co Bundle - VAT FREE
AvailabilityIn stock, dispatched today
Special 5 kilogram Silver Bar Bundle made up of 5 x 1 kilo cast bars. Add to your Investment Portfolio today. Buy online with debit or personal credit card or via bank transfer.
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Prices in GBP£2,337.57 VAT free
FREE Delivery
STORAGE ONLY - 1oz Silver Britannia Monster Box - VAT FREE
AvailabilityIn stock, dispatched today
Over 15.5 Kg of Capital Gains and Value Added Tax Free Silver Britannias in a 500 Coin Monster Box. Each reinforced Official Royal Mint Box containing 20 x 25 1oz Coin Tubes. The most current release will be supplied.
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Prices in GBP£8,425.80 VAT free
FREE Delivery
The STORAGE ONLY - 1oz Silver Britannia Monster Box - VAT FREE is Capital Gains Tax (CGT) free


Storage is on an allocated basis within state of the art and fully insured high security accredited vaults, right here in the UK. By buying silver in an LBMA vault you can eliminate the VAT element, saving you that 20% initial cost. We are also covering the cost of allocation so there are no extra hidden costs when buying your VAT FREE Silver Bullion. How are we doing this? The vaults we utilise for storing your silver are provided by an accredited third party. This means that from the point of view of the tax authorities, your items are not technically in circulation in the UK and therefore not subject to VAT until they physically leave the vault.


To celebrate the launch of this new facility we are offering a whole year of free storage from the date of purchase, saving over £70. Once your free 12 months are up, our normal storage rates will apply from just £5 per month plus VAT.

Click here to see more details of the storage fees involved >


VAT FREE Storage Account holders benefit from a guaranteed buyback option. The Gold Bullion Company will purchase any metal held in a client’s allocated storage account directly with no vault handling fees. Call in and speak with one of our storage specialists to arrange the sale of your stored assets. The process can vary but our storage team are on hand to work out the quickest and most cost effective way of assisting you with your sale requests. Sale requests must be confirmed by email between 9am and 12 noon, week days, from the registered email address. Our valuation team will contact you shortly after receiving your sales request confirmation email with a tailored sale schedule.


If you wish to take physical possession of your coins or bars then you will be required to pay the VAT, a vault handling fee and delivery charges. Simply call our storage specialists and they will advise you on the process. Delivery requests must be received from the registered email address and will be actioned within 2-3 working days.