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Live UK Gold Price

Use the tools and resources below to track the Gold Price in GBP.

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Latest Price
Daily Low £1818
Daily High £1835.42
Please note: Data supplied from a third party source, The Gold Bullion Company have no control over pricing data and accept no responsibility for any inaccurate information.

Gold Silver Ratio

The gold to silver ratio is currently 78.79.

What is the gold to silver ratio?

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Live Gold Price

Keeping up to date with UK gold price movements is essential when considering whether to buy gold or sell gold. Our live gold price data is updated every minute to give you the most recent prices and trends, essential information whether you are considering buying gold or selling gold.

The price of gold bars, gold coins and gold jewellery is closely tied to the spot price, which is the current market price for gold traded on major exchanges.

As demand from retail investors increases to new levels, the live gold price real-time data chart is a further example of a service that we provide to enable our customers to make fully informed decisions about their gold investments.

Live Gold Price In The UK

The gold price per ounce and gold price per gram is set in US Dollars and then converted to local currency values in line with current currency conversion rates. The gold price in the UK is therefore adjusted to take account of the current exchange rate between the US Dollar and Pound Sterling. If the currency exchange rate changes, then the resulting daily price will also change.

Our live gold price chart displays prices in UK Pounds and may follow a different track to a chart based on $USD because of fluctuations in the currency exchange rate.

UK Gold Price Charts

Our UK Gold Price chart is compiled from live data points around the world which record actual gold prices used for transactions. The data is initially recorded with $USD values and then converted to local currency values by applying currency conversion rates to the data.

All the live gold prices as far back as 1970 can be accessed from our gold price charts to enable our customers to view long term price trends, returns on investments and to make informed decisions regarding purchases and sales.

Price of Gold

The price of gold is a major topic of discussion in the financial world, with fluctuations in the market having significant impacts on the global economy. The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) plays a central role in the gold bullion market, as it sets the benchmark for gold prices worldwide.

The LBMA is responsible for administering the London gold fix, a process by which a group of banks agree on a price for gold at a specific time each day. This price is used as a reference point for transactions in the gold market, and is closely watched by investors, traders, and central banks around the world.

The UK gold price is in a constant state of flux, as it represents the balance between the supply and demand of physical gold and gold derivatives in the market.

What is the spot price of gold?

The spot price is the current market price for gold that is traded on major exchanges such as the COMEX in New York, the Shanghai Gold Exchange, and the London Bullion Market Association. It is the price at which gold can be bought or sold for delivery, typically within two business days.

What is the spot price of gold?

The spot price is determined by supply and demand in the global gold market, and the daily gold price is influenced by a variety of factors such as economic data, geopolitical events, and currency fluctuations.

The spot price of gold is used as a benchmark for pricing of gold products such as a gold bar, a gold coin, and futures contracts. It is also an important indicator for investors who use gold as a hedge against inflation or as a safe-haven asset during times of market turbulence.

The value of the US dollar often has an inverse relationship with the price of gold, meaning that as the dollar strengthens, the price of gold tends to decrease, and vice versa.

What is Gold Price Per Ounce?

Listed above are the prices of gold, which are based on the troy ounce measurement that differs in size to regular ounces. One troy ounce is equal to 31.1034768 grams, which is slightly heavier than a standard ounce. The listed gold ounce price reflects the wholesale cost, which is used to sell wholesale gold products and provides a platform to compare various gold product options. The Gold Bullion Company presents a variety of gold coins and gold bars along with their corresponding prices.

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