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Valcambi Gold

What is Valcambi?

Valcambi is thought to be the largest gold refiner in the world and has recorded production levels in excess of 1.8 tons per day. Valcambi started up in the early 1960s, and since then it has grown to become one of the leading precious metal refineries.

Valcambi refines all precious metals: gold, silver, platinum and palladium. They also provide a range of additional services to meet all their customers’ needs, such as transportation and storage.

What Makes Valcambi Different?

Compared to other precious metal businesses, Valcambi only operates in refining. This focus in one area prevents conflict of interest. It also means they are able to focus their skills and resources into one area, developing expertise. This has resulted in Valcambi developing many innovations.

How Can I Be Sure Valcambi is Good Quality?

In addition to their continual development and their market-dominant position, Valcambi has a long list of accreditations, demonstrating their market activity and high quality.

Their accreditations consist of manufacturing certifications, such as their Melter’s license and ISO 9001; market-related accreditations, such as membership of the LBMA and COMEX; and ethical, environmentally-friendly accreditations, such as their LPPM Responsible, Fairmined, and Fairtrade certifications.

Valcambi’s accreditations show their attention to quality, ethical standards and sustainable management.

What Does Valcambi Sell?

Valcambi, like many precious metal refineries, offers a range of bullion bars and coins. However, unlike other refineries, they offer bullion products that are rarely sold elsewhere.

Valcambi sells various gold, silver, platinum and palladium ‘Good Delivery’ bars, which weigh 400oz. In addition to this, they sell other cast bars from 1oz up to 1kg in all four precious metals.

Valcambi also sells minted bars. Minted bars are more visually appealing because they are shaped with borders, often include beautiful motifs, and are much more elegantly designed. The minted bars are available in gold, silver, platinum and palladium, and range from 1g to 1kg.

However, one of the most distinguishing products of Valcambi’s range is Green Gold. Many people and organisations are concerned about the origin of their gold, that it may have been obtained through unscrupulous sources or processes. Therefore, in 2008, Valcambi launched Green Gold, which makes the gold content of each bar traceable.

Green Gold bars contain gold shipped from selected mines to ensure safety and ethical standards. The company even employs an independent production process, with dedicated crucibles, to make sure the gold is uncontaminated.

Then, every bar made is stamped with Valcambi’s Green Gold logo — Good Delivery bars also include GG as part of their serial number. A complementary web service allows individuals and businesses to obtain detailed information about the Green Gold bars that they have purchased.

An unusual, yet highly practical, bar by Valcambi is the CombiBar. The CombiBar is a bar composed of many rectangular gold pieces, usually weighing 1g. This makes the bar convenient because it is easy to remove 1g pieces from the bar and sell them when necessary.

Another innovative form of bullion by Valcambi is the Round Bar. This product combines the shape of a bullion coin with a bullion bar, and what we get is a rounded piece of bullion that is imprinted with all the typical information found on a bar, such as the logo, fineness, and serial number.

Other forms of bullion can also be purchased from Valcambi, for instance, bullion grain, available in bags from 5–10kgs; semi-finished products, which are customisable parts used to create unique or industrial items; and numismatic coins, such as their Armillary coins.

What Services Do They Offer?

Due to Valcambi being one of the largest refineries in the world, they cater to a lot of customers. Some of these customers want their gold held securely, others want their gold transported to them or to another location. Other customers would like to have something uniquely manufactured, and others still would like to have their products assayed. By specialising in only one area, Valcambi now covers the majority of services required by precious metal owners.

What Makes Valcambi Secure?

Considering the services offered by Valcambi, such as their storage and their transportation, security is imperative.

Compared to banks or other storage facilities, Valcambi is outside the banking system; they are an independent business, and they are not involved in financial or banking activities. This adds a layer of protection because no matter the state of the economy, the bullion is privately and securely held.

Like all high-security facilities, Valcambi uses secure vaults, and their property is monitored and protected by specialised teams of security personnel.

Valcambi’s Innovations

Since it began operating in 1961, Valcambi has continued to improve its manufacturing processes and product ranges, offering its customers greater quality and greater choice.

Here is a sample of their innovations:

• First to create 1oz and 1kg minted gold investment bars in 1967
• First to develop 1-100 g round minted gold investment bars in 2005
• Also the first to manufacture a 0.5 g round minted gold investment bar in 2006

Valcambi also boasts several unique product innovations, such as:

• CombiBar 50g in gold and 100g in silver (2011)
• Armillary coins in gold (2015)

Buy Valcambi Silver and Gold

At we offer a variety of Valcambi bullion products including the popular 1oz certified gold bar. We also offer luxurious display boxes, which you can use to protect and present each of your bullion bars or coins.

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