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Allocated Storage Solution - FREE for 6 months

The Gold Bullion Company is pleased to offer you our new maximum-security storage option for protecting your Precious Metal investments outside of your home. Not only do we offer you a simple, secure and very cost effective way to store your items, we are also giving you the first 6 months storage on us.

Store an unlimited amount of gold and/or silver from a wide range of precious metal bullion products including minted bars, cast bars and coins. A quick call and you can get the latest market value of your stored items, request sale of your items or take physical possession of your Precious Metals at any time with our fully insured delivery from the vault.

Leaps and bounds ahead of safety deposit boxes, our solution offers you high security, professionally managed vaults, insurance, direct ownership of your holdings and personalised account management just a call away.

  • Free storage for 6 months on first orders
  • Individually segregated and fully allocated
  • Sell to us or request physical delivery at any time

We store the items on your behalf in a segregated vault so you can rest assured that the items are yours and in the very unlikely event that something should happen to us, you will be able to recover your items from the vault with minimal hassle.

For new customers, your free storage will start from the day your items are delivered and processed into the vault, as confirmed by email with your storage tag number. You can continue to add to your storage for as long you want. If you are no longer in your 6 month free period, you will be subject to our normal storage fees at a minimum of just £6 per month.

We also sell our storage supplies so you can store your precious gold at home with safes, pouches and storage tubes available to purchase. If you would like to purchase VAT free silver with storage, we have a variety of silver bars and coins available to purchase including storage at our fully insured high security accredited vaults.

Click here to see our normal storage fees

You can also request physical delivery at any time, just call us and we will make arrangements. Delivery charges will apply.

Click here to see our delivery fees

Not sure how to go about setting up your first order?

Click here to see how to easy it is to store gold with us.

Looking to sell items you have stored with us? You can sell part or all of your holdings by simply calling us and talking to one of our team.

Click here to see the fees involved when selling back to us.