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Trends in Gold Investments and Other Uses

Trends in Gold Investments and Other Uses

Gold has many uses beyond its investment potential. It has been used over multiple generations as everything from a tool to cement marriages and give the new family a start in life, through to providing resistance to rust and oxidation in electronics and electrical equipment.

This continual cycle of need and want has lead to gold having a sustainable value over a period of centuries. With the coming of the modern stock market and the commoditisation of mineral wealth, gold found a natural platform in the shape of gold bullion bars.

Trends in gold use

Gold is an investment vehicle with a number of practical uses, but also has uses that are quite apart from manufacturing and investments. Gold is often used as a form of decoration, such as in jewellery. As well as being an alluring colour, gold is also used in jewellery as part of a show of wealth, a means of signifying financial status to others.

In many cultures, gold jewellery is also a common part of religious celebrations and the marriage ceremony. In fact, the Diwali and Eid holidays frequently see variations in the price of gold at a base metal level.

Gold jewellery and its connection to gold bullion

Traditionally, gold jewellery serves a secondary purpose. It makes the wealth of the wearer easily transportable and provides a resistance against theft as the metal is worn close to the body. In the case of gold rings, it may even add a degree of defence by hardening the attacking surfaces of the body. It may seem flippant today to mention jewellery and investment gold in the same breath, but for centuries before the development of banking systems they often served the same purpose as each other.

Take advantage of tax free gold investments

Gold as an investment commodity is essentially the same as gold that is used in jewellery. If you are not travelling so much,and plan to leave your physical assets in one place then the range of high quality gold available in the gold bullion bars format from specialists such as The Gold Bullion Company maybe more desirable than carrying gold around with you.

If you are looking to take advantage of the tax free gold that could form your investment  then get in touch with our gold bullion specialists.