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The World’s Most Valuable Trophies

When it comes to the most prestigious and coveted awards across sports, entertainment, and academics, their immense cultural significance is unquestionable. But have you ever wondered how valuable some of these iconic trophies and medals would be if made entirely from precious metals like gold or silver?

The Gold Bullion Company has found the most valuable awards, from the Nobel Prizes shaped like elegant gold coins to the graceful statuettes at the Oscars and Golden Globes.

The top 10 most valuable trophies, according to gold and silver values

Most trophies aren’t made entirely of gold or silver, but a lot do include a small amount of it. Which award includes the highest weight of precious metals, and what’s the value of it?

the most valuable trophies according to silver and gold values

fifa world cup trophy

1. FIFA World Cup Trophy

  • Material: Gold
  • Weight: 6,175 grams
  • Value: £359,632

The iconic FIFA World Cup takes the top spot of most valuable trophies, with a gold value of £359,632 from its 6,175-gram weight. First manufactured in Italy, this coveted prize is awarded every four years to the champions of the FIFA World Cup, the biggest single-event sporting competition globally.

However, the societal importance boosts the value of this particular trophy, with some sources stating it could be worth over £15.7 million.

2. The Ballon d’Or

  • Material: Gold
  • Weight: 5,000 grams
  • Value: £291,200

The prestigious Ballon d'Or trophy ranks second with a £291,200 valuation for the 5,000 grams of gold it is made from. Manufactured in France, this trophy is awarded annually by France Football magazine to the world's best men's football player that year, as voted by journalists.

Notable recipients of this award include Cristiano Ronaldo, Luka Modri?, Karim Benzema and Lionel Messi.

3. The Ryder Cup

  • Material: Gold
  • Weight: 1,814 grams
  • Value: £105,669

Made with over 1,800 grams of gold, the historic Ryder Cup is third with a £105,669 gold value. This treasured England-manufactured trophy is awarded biennially to the winning team of the Ryder Cup match between the finest professional golfers from Europe and the United States.

Mappin & Webb Co. created the cup for Samuel Ryder in 1927 for £250, worth approximately £13,000 in 2024.

What would trophies be worth if they were made from solid gold?

Not all trophies are made entirely from precious metals such as gold or silver, but how much would they be worth if they were?

what would trophies be worth

premier league trophy

1. The Premier League Trophy

  • Gold weight value: £1,479,296
  • Silver weight value: £18,796

The award that all football players in England dream of lifting, the Premier League Trophy, could be the most valuable, with a potential cost of £1,479,296 if its 25400 gram weight was made from solid gold instead.

The potential silver value is impressive, too, at £18,796. While this trophy is already made from sterling silver, it also includes Malachite and gilt.

2. The World Series Trophy

  • Gold weight value: £792,518
  • Silver weight value: £10,070

The baseball World Series Trophy, or The Commissioner's Trophy, ranks second. This award is made of silver and is worth just over a respectable £10,000. However, if all 13,608 grams were replaced with gold, it would be worth £792,518 in melt-down value alone.

3. The Wanamaker Trophy

  • Gold weight value: £713,265
  • Silver weight value: £9,063

Coming in third is The Wanamaker Trophy at £713,265, made of solid gold from its 12,247-gram weight. Awarded to the PGA Championship winner, one of the four major golfing championships, this prized cup was first awarded in 1916, with winners keeping the original trophy until 1926, when it was replaced with a replica.

What is the most valuable music trophy?

most valuable music trophy

mtv vmas moonman

1. MTV VMAs Moonman

  • Gold weight value: £ 192,192
  • Silver weight value: £2,442

The iconic "Moonman" statuette awarded at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) would fetch a substantial amount if manufactured from precious metals. Currently made of zinc alloy and coated with silver plating, the 3,300-gram Moonman would be valued at £192,192 if cast in gold instead. Even if rendered in silver, the figure's bold astronaut design depicting one small step on the moon would still carry a hefty £2,442 price tag.

What is the most valuable film and television trophy?

What is the most valuable film and television trophy

screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards Trophy

1. Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards Trophy

  • Gold weight value: £ 317,007
  • Silver weight value: £4,028

The prestigious SAG Awards celebrate the finest performances in film and television each year. The trophy awarded to the winners would be incredibly valuable if cast in gold or silver. The actual trophy is made from bronze, but the 5,443-gram award would cost £317,007 if made of gold instead. Even if made of silver, this iconic actor statue would still be valued at £4,028 on the metals market.

How much have iconic awards sold for at auction?

How much have iconic awards sold for at auction?

The top listing shows Nobel Prizes reaching astronomical sums—an incredible £80.9 million in 2022. Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov sold this prize, auctioning off the iconic symbol to raise money for Ukrainian child refugees.

Another Nobel Prize is in second place, with James Watson selling his for £3.7 million in 2014. He initially won the award for his part in the discovery of the structure of DNA in 1962.

Looking at other major awards, Best Picture Academy Awards have sold for six and even seven-figure dollar amounts at auction. The most expensive Oscar ever sold at auction was bought by Michael Jackson for £1.2 million — it was first won by David O. Selznick for his film, “Gone With the Wind”.

All data was collected on 12/06/2024 and is correct as of then.