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Gold in Your Pension

Here you will find our guide to gold in your pension, allowing you to find out further information about how gold can be used to provide funding after you have retired. Gold can now be used to form part of a SIPP, providing an investment vehicle for savings towards a retirement fund in later life. UK taxpayers, depending on the income tax rate, will receive a contribution of up to 50% of the cost of the gold from the government.

Gold in your Pension

What is a SIPP?

SIPP stands for Self Invested Personal Pension and is a highly tax-efficient savings plan that empowers you with the ability to manage your own pension, putting you in the driving seat and ensuring you have all the information and control to ensure your pensions performs to its full potential.

SIPP’s have grown rapidly from a niche once reserved for the market savvy investor and wealthy, to a mainstream product now accessible to anyone willing to take control of their own investment. It is now estimated that in excess of 500,000 people have a SIPP.

Why manage your own pension?

It’s common knowledge that pension schemes have underperformed in recent years leaving many investors with little confidence in traditional pension schemes.

Gold in your SIPP

In 2006, the UK Treasury gave the green light for gold to form part of a personal pension. Many financial and investment advisors recommend physical gold bullion should form at least 10% - 20% of any investment portfolio as a solid foundation on which to build.

HMRC define eligible gold as being standard LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) registered bullion products produced by LBMA ‘good list’ registered mints and refineries. The bullion must be a minimum of ‘four nines’ 99.99% pure gold.

Gold invested in your SIPP will be free from VAT and any profit on your investment will be CGT (Capital Gains Tax) free.

What other types of investment can I include in my SIPP?

The flexibility of the SIPP scheme allows for a wider-range of investment opportunities in addition to the common pension investment vehicles such as stock and shares, futures and investment trusts. Individuals now have the opportunity to include commercial property, land and hedge funds, in addition to gold bullion in their personal pension.

Common SIPP Questions

We understand pensions are a complex, often daunting subject and many people feel anxious at the very thought of discussing their pension plans. We regularly speak to people keen to include gold as part of their pension and many ask the same questions.

Can I decide what types of investments are included in my SIPP?

Yes, you have absolute control over the investments that make up your SIPP.

What are the costs of a SIPP?

You will be provided with a full, clear and concise list of SIPP fees, ensuring you are fully aware of the costs of your pension – One of the biggest concerns of many enrolled in traditional pension schemes is that the costs are complex and often difficult to identify. SIPP charges are completely transparent.

Will I receive regular statements to allow me to manage my pension?

Yes, you will receive a monthly statement providing a full update of your pension performance.

When can I start taking an income from my pension?

You are eligible to receive an income from your SIPP once you turn 55.

Can I take a lump sum from my investment?

Yes, once you reach 55 you may take a cash lump sum.

Can I pass on a SIPP to my spouse?

Yes, a SIPP can be passed on as a lump sum after tax.

If you are considering investing in gold in your pension, get in touch with your FCA Regulated Financial Advisor.