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Gold Buying Guide

Our Gold Buying Guide is a must for anyone thinking about purchasing investment-grade Gold Bullion. This guide will provide you with all the gold buying tips you need to start purchasing and investing in bullion products.

A Guide to Buying Gold Bullion

What makes gold a good investment?

With all investments, there are no guarantees. We only sell Bullion and do not speculate on future metal performance potential. We can, however, refer to historical gold price performance, which over the past five years, in particular, has seen a significant rise.

Gold traditionally performs well when there is uncertainty in the global economy, much like oil and other supply/demand-driven commodities.

Investment Gold is also VAT (Value Added Tax) Free in the UK, meaning at no point when you purchase or sell gold is VAT (Currently at 20%) added to the cost of your investment.

What sort of gold should I buy?

All of our Gold Bullion products are investment-grade gold and range from 916.7 fineness (22-carat coins such as Sovereigns and Krugerrands) to 999.9 (pure gold investment coins and bars). Which product you buy depends entirely on budget, The Gold Bullion Company Currently stock Gold Bullion ranging from 1 gram (0.001kg) up to 1 kilogram (1000g).

Are there any charges or fees?

We clearly display the price for each product on-screen; our pricing is directly linked to the live gold spot and London gold fix prices. You will see an indicator updating all product prices every 30 seconds. The price shown against each product includes our sales commission. There is NO surcharge when paying by Debit card, personal Credit card or Bank Transfer.

Fully insured UK delivery is included free of charge on orders of £200 and above. For lower value orders our standard Secure and Insured delivery costs will be clearly displayed in your shopping basket.

Can I collect my gold bullion in person?

We offer a collect in-person service from our Wolverhampton Head Offices for orders over £1000. If the items in your basket exceed £1000 in value, an additional delivery option to collect will be displayed, select this option and telephone the office on 01902 623 259 to arrange a collection time.

Where should I store my gold?

Again this depends on quantity; personal investment can easily be securely stored at home. You may wish to consider a secure home safe to guard your investment against theft and fire.

Your bank may also be able to offer you a secure deposit box in which to store your gold.

I’m nervous about buying gold online from a company I don’t know

We understand your concerns, buying high-value items online is a concern to some people. We regularly see a trend of many new customers who make a small purchase, such as a 2.5g gold bar first to test the service, then returning within days to purchase higher value items. Customers also regularly make their first purchase using a personal Credit Card to utilise the purchasing safeguards offered to them by Visa and Mastercard.

What happens if the delivery goes missing?

All products are sent out using a fully insured courier service. If your delivery fails to arrive, we are FULLY INSURED, and we will replace your goods upon receiving written confirmation from the courier that they have not been delivered.

How do you deliver orders?

We use Royal Mail and UPS, both well-known and trusted household names. Orders are sent out for guaranteed delivery Next Business Day or Tracked 48 (subject to cleared funds). On delivery your package will require a signature, this enables us to verify receipt of the delivery, we’re able to identify who has signed for a package and at what time it arrives.

Our packaging is secure and non-descript, there is nothing on the exterior of the packaging to indicate its contents – Not even the delivery firm know the contents.

Can I track my delivery?

Yes, you will receive an email to confirm your Royal Mail Tracking Number, you can use the Royal Mail Tracking System to track the progress of your delivery.

Learn more about our Text message Order Tracking.

Now you have read through our gold buying guide, we recommend viewing our live price charts before making any purchases so you can make the most of your investment. If you require further information or have any questions on our gold bullion buying guide, get in touch with us today to speak to our bullion experts.