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Gold Coin Collecting With The Gold Bullion Company

Gold Coin Collecting With The Gold Bullion Company

Coin collecting is a superb hobby and can bring great joy to the many enthusiasts or numismatists to give them their proper name, collecting a wide variety of coins, trade tokens and other forms of coinage.  A number of collectors specialise in collecting high-value coins.

In many cases, the high-value coins that are sought by numismatists are the same gold bullion coins that are used by gold investors.  This is partly due to the lower numbers of coins that are produced that can lead to an increase in value from a collector’s viewpoint, but it is also due to the love of the gold within the coin, as has been experienced through many civilisations throughout history. There is something about gold that proves attractive to mankind, that is something that we can all agree on regardless of our stance as a collector or investor.

Collectable coins from around the world

At The Gold Bullion Company, we offer a wide range of gold coins from around the world including rare coins from the Islamic world.  We also carry different years and issues from well-known mints and collectors’ pieces as stocks become available.

European coins at the Gold Bullion

From Europe, we offer a great number of coins including British gold coins such as the Sovereign and the Britannia. Our range varies over time, but as I write this we are able to offer a gold sovereign dating back more than 100 years to the reign of Queen Victoria as well as the regular 2018 offering from the Royal Mint. We also offer a number of much-loved coins from Münze Österreich, such as the Austrian Philharmonic coins. Our range also encompasses proof coins from the UK.

Coins from the rest of the world

We offer a number of the more popular coins such as South African Krugerrands and Perth Mint Australian Nuggets.  We also offer a number of more unusual coins such as the Bahar Azadi from the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Bahar Azadi gold coin is a relatively unknown coin in the west and is, therefore, a rare and interesting option for collectors.

This Islamic gold coin contains only .900 fine gold – a purity much lower than other popular investment coins such as The Royal Mint’s Britannia which has a purity of .999. This coin is sought after by collectors due to its unusual gold content.

We also offer a number of other rarities that change on a regular basis.  To see our wide range of coins, visit us online at