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Gold - A Staple When Facing Uncertainty

Gold - A Staple When Facing Uncertainty

Gold has become a staple for investors in times of economic uncertainty, but why does the precious metal that forms gold bullion bars and coins hold such a special place in both our hearts and the heart of the financial system?

What does gold do better than other metals?

Gold is a naturally occurring metal, often made into an alloy with stronger metals to preserve it in an easy-to-handle form.  The metal in its base condition, however, is unusual in that it does not rust or change its consistency. It is relatively easy to work, even at low temperatures, yet its distinctive colouring means that the discovery is easy to find and identify when mined or extracted from streams and alluvial deposits.

It is this eye-catching quality which most likely proved attractive to early humans and led to it being considered as something special.  It’s relative scarcity also lends the precious metal an air of exclusivity. This combination of these two values is the most likely reason why humans ascribe a higher value to gold than to other metals.

Gold – low weight – high value

Gold is relatively light in comparison to its value with a value of over £900 per ounce.  This makes the material easy to transport and easy to store.  Gold is also unusual amongst metals in that it doesn’t oxidise and turn to rust.  It maintains its lustre over generations regardless of its storage conditions, something that is particularly attractive to long-term investment and holding of the metal.

Gold is physically and economically stable

Alongside its decorative qualities, gold is also the perfect material for use in the electronics industry.  Gold the anti-rusting qualities of gold make it an ideal component in electric devices, ensuring that items from high-grade audio cables to microchips are able to maintain the quality of their internal connections and handle signal inputs at peak efficiency.

This practical use for the metal ensures that the price doesn’t tumble during times of economic uncertainty amongst lovers of luxury products such as jewellery, as well as providing a consistent and liquid market for the metal during bull markets in the world’s stock exchanges, when investors seek higher, but potentially more risky profits in equities.

Now is a great time to invest in gold bullion bars and coins.  Visit The Gold Bullion Company today to start your precious metal investment journey.