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Are Gold Sovereigns a Good Investment?

The gold Sovereign coin is the flagship coin of the British Royal Mint. Introduced over 500 years ago in 1489, it is one of the oldest coins still in production today.

It features the iconic image of St George and the Dragon, which was designed by renowned engraver Benedetto Pistrucci in 1817.

Fast-forward to 2017 and the modern Sovereign is celebrating its 200th anniversary with a coin featuring the original St. George and the Dragon design along with a mint mark that acknowledges its 200th year.

Buying gold Sovereigns as an investment

Many financial advisors recommend buying gold as part of a varied portfolio. Gold has a long track record of holding its value, even when other markets become volatile.

Those investors buying Sovereign gold coins tend to do so with the intention of holding on to them for the long term. Deciding how much to invest depends very much on your personal circumstances. You should take care to only invest an amount that you’re comfortable with.

Their small size means they can be stored at home securely, giving their owner quick access to them should they need it. They’re also easy to sell, meaning the capital held within them can be released quickly in an emergency.

As gold Sovereigns are legal tender in the UK, they are exempt from VAT and Capital Gains Tax. This is one of the key reasons why British coins are so popular amongst UK investors.

Are gold Sovereigns a good investment?

If you’ve made the decision that coins are the right bullion product for you, then buying Sovereign gold coins would certainly be a wise move.

The Sovereign is a widely recognised coin, known for both its history and its quality. Produced by The Royal Mint, one of the oldest mints worldwide, its legal tender status in the UK means its advantageous from a tax perspective for UK investors too.

To make an investment for your future, browse our full range of British gold Sovereigns now.