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Your Guide to Collecting Gold Coins

Why collect gold coins?

Gold coin collection, also known as numismatics, is a popular pursuit that hobbyists have undertaken for years.

Whilst investors pursue gold primarily because for its market price, collectors tend to be drawn to gold coins for more personal reasons.

Those reasons can vary from person to person, with nostalgia, pride in one’s country, interest in history, or as a gift for future generations of one’s family all being popular explanations.

Gold coins are beautifully crafted and feature decorative designs, often by well-known artists, that are changed regularly to denote special occasions, milestones or an iconic image that represents a nation. All of this further increases their appeal to collectors.

How collecting gold coins works

Some enthusiasts aim to hold every version of one type of coin. As an example, they may seek out gold Sovereigns each with a different date and mint mark. This is the more traditional method of gold coin collection, though the rarity of older coins can mean it often proves challenging.

The objective of other enthusiasts is to make a set. This would involve obtaining each design within a chosen time period, for example.

As gold coin collecting is typically an individual activity, a collector’s personal preference and financial situation usually dictate what they choose to add to their gold coin collection.

The best gold coins to collect

There are many gold bullion coin producers who each offer various editions and denominations. When you’re just starting out collecting gold coins, it can often be an overwhelming task deciding which coins to pursue.

Whilst it is, of course, down to personal preference and circumstances, we recommend that you choose coins from a renowned mint.

Their coins will be of a very high quality and are likely to increase in value over time. Some collectors aren’t interested in making a profit and simply see gold coin collection as an enjoyable hobby. Knowing, however, that your collection is worth a substantial amount of money can make that hobby even more rewarding.

In the UK, gold bullion coins are defined as coins that were minted after 1800, have a purity of .900 or more and are, or have been, legal tender in their country of origin.

Renowned international mints that produce top quality coins include the UK’s Royal Mint, Australia’s Perth Mint, and the Royal Canadian Mint.

Both the Sovereign and Britannia range from the Royal Mint are particularly popular amongst collectors.

Best place to buy gold coins

When you’re looking to add to your gold coin collection, it’s important to choose a popular and trusted distributor who stocks gold coins you want to buy.

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