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The Best Cheap Gold Coins You Can Buy

If you’re looking to buy cheap gold coins online because you’re a first-time buyer who’s new to the market, it’s crucial that you do your research before making a purchase.

This article will guide you through the key things you need to consider before you make your first investment in gold bullion coins.

Why are you buying gold coins?

Whatever your reason for deciding to invest in gold coins, you want to know that whatever you’re buying is the real thing.

If you’re buying gold coins as an investment for the future or as a way of storing your capital in a physical asset that is highly likely to hold its value, then that investment will only be worthwhile if the bullion product you buy is genuine and can be sold on for at least the price you paid for it.

Likewise, if you’re an enthusiast who’s interested in collecting gold coins, the real satisfaction will come from knowing you own genuine, quality gold coins that are valuable and have a place in history.

By buying cheap gold coins from untrustworthy sellers, you risk exchanging considerable amounts of money for unknown products that may not be worth what their sellers claim them to be.

How to spot a genuine seller

Whilst there are many respectable and trusted online distributors, you will, unfortunately, also find scams and dishonest sellers online who offer cheap gold coins that turn out to be forged.

To avoid risking your money, never buy from an online seller who doesn’t offer the following 3 things:

  1. Independent customer reviews displayed openly on their site
  2. Fully insured delivery by a courier you know and trust
  3. Real-time pricing that is updated regularly according to the live price of gold

If a seller is able to offer all of these things, you can feel confident that they’re an honest dealer.

Also, if you're looking for older years then remember there’s nothing wrong with buying coins second-hand (bearing in mind they’re of a good quality). But just apply the same careful thought if you're buying from an individual on an online marketplace as independent listings could potentially open you up to scams.

How to buy cheap gold coins that are genuine

To ensure you’re getting the real thing, we advise buying gold bullion coins from one of the top internationally recognised mints.

Those mints include:

The Royal Mint

The Perth Mint

The US Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint

If this is your first investment and you’re looking for cheap gold coins to start with, consider some of the following, which are all top quality and recognised worldwide:

2017 Gold Full Sovereign Coin

Mixed Years 1oz Gold Krugerrand Coin

British Half Sovereign – VAT free and Capital Gains Tax free

When you buy from The Gold Bullion Co., we’ll give you a competitive price that is calculated using the live price of gold at the time of your purchase.

We also offer fully insured delivery across the UK via Royal Mail, so you can rest assured that we’ve got you covered until your order is in your hands.

If you need further help to decide how and where to make an investment in gold bullion, view our investing guide or give our friendly team a call today on 01902 623 259.