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The Best Gold Coins to Buy

The benefits of buying gold coins

The Best Gold Coins to Buy

Gold is well-known for retaining its value and has long been popular with investors who wish to store their wealth for the future.

But what about gold coins? Gold coins are popular for a number of reasons. First of all, they offer flexibility. Due to their small size they can be kept at home securely and can be easily sold on – great for investors or collectors who want to keep their gold investment where they can see it too.

They also provide a great deal of historic and cultural interest for collectors and are a more personal investment than say stocks and shares. 

The best gold coins to buy depend on your circumstances and why you're interested in buying gold coins in the first place. Read on for a quick overview.

Collecting gold coins

Collecting gold coins is popular with enthusiasts worldwide seeking out different editions and designs. Gold coins are handsomely crafted and their historic or commemorative designs each offer their own character and charm.

Deciding on the best gold coins to collect often comes down to personal preference and financial circumstances. Many collectors aim to hold each edition of one particular coin, whilst others go for one of each denomination within a set.

Along with focusing on quality and purity, rarer coins that have been produced in limited numbers or have been discontinued are some of the best gold coins to buy for collectors. This is largely because they’re the most likely to increase in value over time and become even rarer as time goes by. 

Finding the best gold coins to buy

Finding the best gold coins to buy

Finding the best gold coins to buy can often be an overwhelming task for those new to the market. There are many producers who each offer various editions and denominations, where do you start?

The best advice we can offer is to choose a coin from a mint that is known worldwide for its quality.

Top international mints that produce the best gold coins to buy include the UK’s Royal Mint, Australia’s Perth Mint, and the Royal Canadian Mint.

The best place to buy gold coins

Taking the time to conduct careful research before you make a purchase will benefit you in the long run. Remember, buying cheap gold coins won’t always mean you’re getting good value.

When you’re looking for the best place to buy gold coins, we recommend that you choose a well-known and trusted supplier. Check that they offer insured delivery and make sure that they stock gold coins from the internationally-renowned refiners we mentioned above.

We stock only the best coins from the likes of The Royal Mint and South Africa’s Rand Refinery. Based near Birmingham and offering fully insured delivery across the UK, our competitive rates are based on the live gold price.

To get started with your collection or to make an investment in your future today, browse our full range of the best gold coins to buy now.