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Gold Bullion Delivered by Post Securely

Why would I buy gold bullion delivered by post?

Gold, with its long history of stability even in a volatile economy, has long been a popular investment choice for those looking to secure their wealth for the future.

By buying gold bullion online, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to research a range of national sellers, compare their rates and consider the added benefits they offer.

If you’re new to investing in gold, our gold bullion buying guide will provide you with a solid overview of what’s involved.

What are the benefits of buying gold bullion delivered by post?

As well as giving you the chance to research the market and your chosen supplier, buying gold bullion delivered by post from an online distributor carries with it many benefits.

By monitoring the gold price chart online, you’ll get a real-time take on the live prices set by the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) twice per day. Being able to place an instant order online for your gold could help you take advantage of price fluctuations.

Additionally, the convenience could save you the disruption and added costs that travelling to a dealer would incur.

Gold bullion delivered by post - what’s available?

The bullion gold price represents the cost of 1 troy ounce of gold. There is a wide range of physical gold bullion products available to suit all budgets, with prices from The Gold Bullion Co. reflecting the live price updates.

Gold coins, such as Sovereigns, typically appeal to first-time investors, collectors and those looking to increase the flexibility of their investment.

Similarly, smaller gold bars, available from upwards of 1 gram, are a good choice for investors who don’t want to lock in their investment and may need access to the capital they have invested in gold in an emergency.

Large gold bars offer investors the opportunity to store a generous amount of wealth in relatively small amounts of gold – widely-claimed to be a safe-haven in times of risk in other markets.

How do I buy gold bullion delivered by post securely?

Investors should be careful to conduct thorough research and choose a trusted online distributor with a safe site and a strong track record of customer reviews.

Remember to check whether delivery is insured and tracked, and only choose gold bullion products that carry the hallmarks of established mints.

Gold bullion delivered by post to Birmingham and the UK

The Gold Bullion Co. has over 10,700 positive independent reviews and we only stock the best gold bullion products from some of the world’s most respected producers.

We offer nationwide, free, fully insured delivery of your gold and competitive real-time pricing that’s based on the live gold price.

For orders over £1,000, investors can arrange collection from our head office in Wolverhampton.

Browse our full range of gold bullion products and make an investment in your future today.