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Easter Gold as a Gift

Romanesque Cross Bars

What better way to commemorate Easter than to have a delicate illustration of the Romanesque Cross in gold? It is a superb reminder of the lasting power of the symbol, and the Easter gold gift that never ages.

Whether you’re an avid Christian or a casual Sunday church attender, there’s no doubt this is a potent image of hope, faith and rebirth, ideal for a loved one as an Easter gift.

Each bar consists of high-quality gold, manufactured in Switzerland, to the highest standards, embossed with a Roman-style cross. It also comes in secure, discreet packaging, along with a Certificate of Authenticity, that you can keep for proof of value.

Gold Sovereign Coins

Gold sovereign coins could be the ideal Easter gold gift, for their sheer historical significance. Struck for just over two centuries, they are well-known collectibles and hold great value.

Many of these gold coins are embossed with the classic image of St George vanquishing the dragon, one of the greatest legends from English history, with a likeness of Queen Elizabeth II, presented by a number of renowned engravers.

Rosa Gold Bars

Our range also includes the Rosa bar, a 24-carat bar that comes in a variety of weights, which could be the perfect Easter gold gift for a loved one this year.

It bears the stamp of an elegantly-crafted rose, reflecting beauty and nature in harmony. As a symbol of affection, it could be a great alternative to a bunch of flowers or other gift items that don’t last nearly as long as gold does. 

One Gram Gold Bars

Looking for that perfect 24-carat gift? Why not consider one gram gold bars? These items are ideal for those with a limited budget, who are still keen to deliver a special and valuable Easter gold gift this year. They are available from us for under £50, (according to prices at time of writing in late-March 2019).

Despite their size, each bar retains exceptionally high quality.

Scottsdale 1 Ounce Silver Bars

Silver is every bit as attractive as gold, but carries a fraction of the price, owing to its greater abundance in nature.

We offer a range of silver bars, such as the Scottsdale one ounce bars. These are available for as little as £23.74 (as of writing in late March 2019) and are produced to an exceptional standard.

They will certainly make a less conventional Easter gift for loved ones this Easter and will retain a unique shine, carrying great value among people interested in precious metals – and those who simply appreciate a special gift such as this from a loved one.

As well as being a truly special gift for loved ones this Easter, gold can prove to be a useful store of value, as times become increasingly uncertain. Investing in gold can help preserve value, and reflects the metal’s lasting allure over the centuries.

Article Last Updated: Tuesday, March 19, 2019