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Can You Buy Gold with a Credit Card?

When people are looking to buy gold or silver for investment online, they often want to use their credit card or debit card as a preferred payment method. We have always enabled our customers to buy gold with a credit card on our website and we don’t charge you for the privilege either.

We made the decision to remove charges for personal credit card payments in 2018 to offer our customers a much better experience when they decide to invest in gold with us.

Read on to discover how you could benefit when you purchase your gold with a credit card today.

Can I use a credit card to buy gold online?

Yes, when you buy gold bullion online at The Gold Bullion Co. you will see an option to complete your purchase with a credit card or debit card. Since the start of 2018, we now no longer charge our customers a fee for using this payment option. We accept payments from Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard Debit and Maestro but unfortunately you aren’t able to buy gold with Amex.

However, unfortunately we are unable to accept any payment made with a corporate credit card or business credit card, due to the higher fees that are associated with processing these payments.

Will my payments be secure when using a credit card?

Yes, we have taken extra steps to ensure that our customers are not vulnerable to cybercrime and credit card fraud when they purchase their gold bullion through our website. We have an SSL security certificate which has been installed on our website that encrypts all of your personal data to complete your gold bullion purchase.

Further, when you buy gold from us, we won’t process or record any card numbers during the payment process. Instead, you will be moved to a secure processing facility from SagePay that means we are unable to store or handle your personal data, which will guarantee a more secure transaction process for you.

You can rest assured that whenever you are required to provide us with your personal data, or when your personal data is on display during the checkout process, these areas of our website will be encrypted. If you can see a padlock icon or our company name highlighted near the address bar (depending on the internet browser), when you click on it, you will be able to see the security certificate information.

The precious metal industry is unfortunately vulnerable to being exploited by cybercriminals and credit card fraudsters, which is why we prioritise our customer’s safety when they choose to purchase their gold bullion through us.

Discover more about our efforts to keep your personal data and credit card details safe.

Why should I buy gold with a credit card online?

Many people buy gold with a credit card for the benefits of payment protections offered by their card provider. It’s a clear bonus for our customers and something we’re proud to have worked to enable without additional cost.

After taking the time to investigate the best way of providing a secure method of payment for our customers to buy gold with their credit or debit cards, we have been able to offer safe and quick payment systems on our website with your credit card. However, you can also purchase gold via bank transfer either online or in branch, when you buy gold from The Gold Bullion Co.

Do I have to use my credit card to buy gold?

No, you can also buy gold online with a debit card or via bank transfer which can be made online or in branch, depending on how you choose to do your personal banking. We do ask that you use your order number as a reference when you choose to pay using bank transfer and all payments must be received within 24 hours.

Now you can buy gold online with a credit card without incurring extra fees. Choose The Gold Bullion Co. to purchase gold securely today.

Article Last Updated: Tuesday, November 13, 2018