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Gold Price Today in USD per Ounce

Use the tools and resources below to track the Gold Price in USD.

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Latest Price
Daily Low $2450.95
Daily High $2482.37
Please note: Data supplied from a third party source, The Gold Bullion Company have no control over pricing data and accept no responsibility for any inaccurate information.

Gold Silver Ratio

The gold to silver ratio is currently 80.68.

What is the gold to silver ratio?

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Stay up-to-date on the gold price today in $USD per ounce, by using our chart, which is refreshed every minute. It shows you the live prices over the last 24 hours.

Price Chart - Currencies

Customise the chart to view the gold price in different currencies like £GBP and €EUR.

Real-time Chart - Weights

Click on the options at the top of the daily gold price chart to select the weight measurement that you prefer:- Gram (g), Ounce (t oz) or Kilogram (kg).

Live Chart - Precious Metals

Explore the chart to track the prices of other precious metals, including silver, platinum, and palladium.

In the dynamic and ever-changing gold market, having access to precise information is vital. Our chart is a valuable resource for investors, empowering you to make confident, well-informed decisions. It accomplishes this by offering accurate data sourced from live global transactions, providing the most reliable representation of the daily gold prices.

Historical US Gold Price Data

Exploring its historical price trends offers valuable insights, providing a broader perspective on this precious metal's performance over time. Analysing historical data allows you to recognise both long-term and short-term trends, aiding in the timing of your gold investments.

For instance, identifying patterns that indicate when gold has historically been undervalued or overvalued can assist you in making strategic decisions, as well as understanding the significance of fluctuations in the market.

Factors Affecting the Current Gold Price

A multitude of factors can influence the gold price: economic indicators, geopolitical events, currency fluctuations, and supply and demand dynamics. These factors create a complex interplay that drives both short-term fluctuations and long-term trends in the gold market. Understanding these influences is essential for investors looking to make informed decisions about buying or selling gold. By keeping a close eye on these factors, individuals and businesses can navigate the ever-changing landscape of the gold market and make strategic investment choices.

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