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World Largest Gold Nugget

What is the largest gold nugget ever found?

The world’s largest gold nugget, discovered in 1869, is commonly known as the ‘Welcome Stranger’.

Measuring 610mm x 310mm it weighed some 72kg (2,315.5 troy ounces) and was eventually refined to a weight of 2,283 troy ounces - raw gold generally has a purity of around 22 carat and refining the gold into pure 24 carat removes the excess material and therefore reduces the weight.

The nugget was discovered near the historic town of Moliagul, in the Australian territory of Victoria, by gold miners John Deason and Richard Oates. Both of these men originated from Cornwall, England and at the time of the discovery the nugget, which lay just a few inches below the surface, was valued at over £9,000 - a considerable fortune in the late nineteenth century.

Should a similar find be discovered today, the nugget would be worth around £1.4 million!

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Article Last Updated: Thursday, September 17, 2009