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The Treasure Hunters

Did anyone see this amazing program on BBC One a month ago? The show aired on April 7th 2014 showing an array of precious stones and metals. One being gold! (of course). Ellie Harrison and Dallas Campbell travel across the world on the ultimate treasure hunt.

The first episode sees Ellie venture down one of the deepest gold mines in the world that is based in South Africa.

Now I'll give you a bit of history: The incredible story of the gold and amber living space that once belonged to Catherine the Great that was stolen during the Second World War, the original has never been found. This was called the eighth wonder of the world and was completed in 1756. In the meantime, the palace of Tsarskoye Selo is home to a reconstruction of the room. This was begun in 1979 and completed twenty-four years later.

So, will the original room ever be uncovered? The mystery remains. 

Here is a short YouTube clip of the program below.

Article Last Updated: Monday, May 12, 2014