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PAMP Suisse Silver Bullion Shines in 2020

When you see PAMP Suisse silver bullion bars, you know you have found bars of exceptional quality. Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux or PAMP Suisse for short, is a leading light in the world of precious metals producers. The Gold Bullion Co. is proud to give PAMP Suisse the seal of approval with an array of attractive silver bullion bars for 2020.

Silver is a dynamic and lucrative precious metal to invest in, but if you want to get the inside track, you need to know what PAMP Suisse has to offer. In addition, you need to see why silver is such an alluring asset in uncertain times, when risk is high and investors are increasingly seeking safety.

PAMP Suisse - dedicated to secure silver investments

One of PAMP Suisse’s unique selling points when it comes to silver bullion is the wide array of products they have on offer, and the way in which they present them to buyers. Having been in operation in Ticino, Switzerland, since 1977, PAMP Suisse knows a thing or two about quality. They have a consistent track record in refining bullion for all sorts of purposes, including providing products for investments and gifts.

PAMP Suisse set a new high bar for other precious metals producers, when they introduced innovations such as selling small bullion bars in sealed packaging, as well as unveiling silver bullion bars with engraving on the reverse sides. These moves, especially the former, showed their ability to be top of the class in producing high-end silver items in a new way that guaranteed peace of mind for investors concerned about security.

When silver bullion buyers are keen to ensure that they get what they paid for, especially given restricted movement since lockdown was implemented in March, the security of bullion products is paramount. PAMP Suisse items, including the small silver bullion bars, are specially packaged in a way which ensures that you know the item hasn’t been tampered with en-route.

Silver provides greater potential gains

During times of economic uncertainty and high volumes of stimulus being pumped into the economy, precious metals often enjoy strong price rallies. Gold typically performs especially well, but silver can prove to be far more volatile, rising much higher as a result during precious metals price rallies.

A way to measure how well-placed silver prices are at present is best-served by looking at the relationship between gold and silver prices. As mentioned earlier, silver often enjoys a more exaggerated price rally when gold prices are on a roll. The two precious metals oscillate within a specific ratio relative to one another, and at current valuations, silver is vastly undervalued relative to gold.

While silver may be sitting below its 2011 peak somewhat, and in an apparent long-term bear market for the time being, gains have been impressive since January 2020. The price of silver has appreciated 28 per cent in just the last nine months alone, with the bulk of those gains in the last two months. This suggests that silver is picking up and price increases are becoming increasingly concentrated on the short-term. It doesn’t take much to make 28 per cent become an even greater gain, if the current trajectory is maintained through to year’s end, especially if surprises during the US election season jolt the markets for many weeks.

PAMP Suisse for 2020 - a new range of silver bars

PAMP Suisse has an eye-catching range of fantastic silver bullion bars for autumn 2020, including the Fortuna and Faith series. Both sets of PAMP silver bars are lovingly engraved with specially-tailored images, including religious items: the Romanesque Cross, a likeness of Lakshmi, a depiction of Mecca, the Lord Buddha and the Yisrael Chai design.

The Fortuna series features Fortuna herself in all her glory, as something of a good luck token for those wishing to make respectable gains in the silver markets. Bars come in all sorts of sizes, ranging from 1oz, all the way to 50g items for those wishing to make a more sizable investment. Not only that but we offer a special luxury single bullion bar display box complete with a gift card. This item is especially ideal if you wish to present your item as a gift to a loved one. It offers added security, while presenting your silver bullion gift in an ornate black box.

Prices for PAMP Suisse silver bullion bars are determined in line with official silver spot prices on the open market, so you know that each item you purchase from the Gold Bullion Company carries an up to date price. Check our Live Silver Spot Price chart to keep up-to-date with live silver prices to help time a purchase, while prices are cheap enough before the next major price rally.

Buy silver bullion online with the Gold Bullion Co.

Here at the Gold Bullion Co., we’ve been specialists in selling silver bars and coins for many years. Based in Wolverhampton, we have continued to show dedication in meeting the growing demand for precious metals items for investment purposes and gifts despite COVID-19 and the lockdown that ensued.

In the interests of health and safety while COVID-19 remains a public health concern, we continue to encourage those wishing to make enquiries about buying silver bullion to contact us online or call us on 01902 623 259. Our team will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have and facilitate any purchase you wish to make.

Purchases through the Gold Bullion Co. website are easy. Payment is swift and delivery of your items is secure. We look forward to continuing to stock PAMP Suisse’ latest array of 2020 silver bullion bars and look forward to meeting any requirements you may have.

Article Last Updated: Thursday, October 1, 2020