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Numismatic Gold Coins

The term numismatic refers to private individuals or businesses involved in the collecting or study of coins, either for private collections, investment or researching scholars. Numismatic differs slightly from traditional coin collecting as it is considered more a systematic study or currency, more the work of a scholar than a collector or investor.

Modern numismatics study coins from the 17th century to modern day while the study of older coins is considered archaeological numismatics.

Many numismatic coin collectors and dealers preside over collections worth a great deal and comprise of many hundreds of coins, often such collections can be found on public display.

Many countries have established numismatic societies, such as the Royal Numismatic Society formed in London in 1836 and the American Numismatic Society founded in 1858.

The coin above is considered the most prized and collectable US coin, the 1943 Copper Penny. Issued in very limited numbers during the Second World War, the Copper Penny was struck from a heavily rationed bronze copper alloy, unlike the common penny at the time which was made from a brass and steel alloy.

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Article Last Updated: Saturday, May 15, 2010