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Not too late to stake a claim in the gold rush

Monday, August 22, 2016

According to analysts, if you haven’t yet invested in gold, you haven’t missed the boat. There are many signs that the value of the precious metal will continue to rise for the rest of the year. 

One of the key aspects is that the conditions that have sent investors rushing to gold for its safe haven properties, show no sign of disappearing in the immediate future. The UK’s Brexit vote and political and economic instability have helped attract gold investors, and this is set to continue with the uncertainty surrounding the US Presidential elections later in the year.

Prateek Pant of Sanctum Wealth Management told Gold-Eagle: “Negative interest rates and surplus liquidity conditions will continue to prevail in the developed world for some time. Given these conditions, gold is a good asset class to stay invested in.
“We have run numbers which suggest that investors should have a 10-15 per cent allocation to gold at all times. This level of allocation has the potential to reduce portfolio risk considerably without affecting returns.”
First half figures for gold investment from the World Gold Council show that demand stood at 1,064.9 tonnes, which was 16 per cent higher than in the first six months of 2009 after the global economic crisis began to take effect.

The figures give weight to those commentators who are bullish about gold’s future prospects. 
Gold-Eagle analyst Joshua Rodriguez said: “At the moment, safe-haven demand for the precious metal remains incredibly high. Given current global economic conditions and how central banks are choosing to deal with the issue, I'm expecting that investors will continue to increase the demand for the precious metal for the foreseeable future.”