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Gold Record High In Sight as Value Continues to Rise

As the summer draws to the close, it’s been a record-breaking season for gold. Not only have gold prices broken through their 2011 peak, just shy of £1,200 per troy ounce. Prices have now cleared the £1,200 per troy ounce barrier, and look set to reach even higher heights.

To stay up to date on this record-breaking rally in prices, check out our Live Gold Price tracker.

A summer to remember

Gold prices often go through lengthy periods of consolidation, leading some to assume that gold has had its day. Like a coiled spring, pressure builds and prices burst higher, catching many by surprise. This summer is no different, in that gains have been sizable, and all of this took place in just a few short weeks resulting in the gold record high prices..

£1,200 per troy ounce was something of a psychological barrier, but now that gold has cleared it decisively in recent weeks, the likely trajectory for prices is higher for the time being. It’s a virtual golden circle – gold record high prices allow patient sellers to offload gold, while new investors eye up opportunities to buy on the dip before prices jump even higher.

The potential for great gains is simple – trading volume in the general markets is often thinner at the height of summer, and this means any major shift in sentiment can cause dramatic shifts to the upside or downside. This summer happens to be a positive one for buying gold, so prices have made significant gains in a short space of time.

Stellar gains for gold prices

Gold is often seen as the classic investment hedge against inflation and currency depreciation. The gains in gold priced in pounds masks a greater shift in prices that has taken place over in US dollars. This means prices for gold are rising in virtually every country, regardless of the currency. If the pound happens to be weaker, the potential for price gains is even greater.

The early stages of one of gold’s greatest bull runs, starting back in 2007, came at a time when you could expect to get two dollars for each pound. In an era of trade wars and Brexit uncertainty, your pound is now worth just $1.22 (as of 23rd August), a significant devaluation.

Gold’s gains, irrespective of currency, are thanks to a cocktail of global economic and political storms, and this makes the precious metal the ultimate hedge against uncertainty, wherever you happen to be. The last two bull-runs for gold prices lasted about a decade each, from 1970 to 1980, and 2001 to 2011. Another decade-long bull-run isn’t a certainty, but historically, when prices have broken out to gold record high levels they have certainly managed to retain value at the very least in previous years.

Gold coins attract interest

New to buying gold, and looking for something special to invest your money in? Why not cash in on the gold rush of 2019, by buying one of the Gold Bullion Company’s gold coins? We hold a number of gold coins of great historical value. For centuries, Britons have held onto Gold Sovereigns, a form of legal tender which was a treasured part of our coinage system in the age of Queen Victoria.

Why not buy a Gold Full Sovereign to mark gold’s rally in 2019? Queen Elizabeth II’s enduring legacy as the UK’s longest-reigning monarch means that each gold sovereign minted holds great historical value. No other monarch has seen so many years’ worth of gold sovereigns minted in their likeness.

The 2019 Gold Full Sovereign is the perfect way to celebrate her legacy – weighing 7.998 grams and struck in 22 carats, it holds a face value of just £1, but owing to the greater value gold carries, its true value is more like £315 per coin, as of mid-August.

Purchasing gold online

Buying gold online can feel a little strange if you’ve never done it before, but the Gold Bullion Company has been helping people invest in gold since 1993. We’re something of a specialist in this area, so you can trust us to help you with your transactions. Buying gold with us is simple, secure and efficient.

For generations, gold has been a store of value to many, and we make sure our customers get the fairest price for their gold. Check out our Investing Guide, to walk you through investing in gold with us today. It gives you all the information you could possibly want to know.

If you’re interested in buying gold with us, but need to know the convincing arguments in favour of doing so, we’ve provided some top reasons, through our Why Purchase Gold page. As well as being a hedge against inflation, gold comes in various shapes and sizes, allowing easy transportation, and it has the potential to outperform a number of assets over a long period of time.

Our site holds an SSL certificate, ensuring that all pages are encrypted, so any data you provide during transactions is only accessible to us, allowing a safe transaction. Payment is carried out through a secure external portal. Once you’ve purchased gold through our site, you can expect it to arrive in a timely manner, in non-descript packaging, via Royal Mail.

If you wish to buy gold with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Check out our Contact page, if you wish to call, email or write to us. If you’re based in the Wolverhampton area, you’re more than welcome to visit us, but make sure to book an appointment first, to avoid any delays.


Article Last Updated: Friday, August 23, 2019