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The 10% Rule

The global economy is still looking dubious, currencies weakening, banks becoming evermore unreliable and stock markets a minefield of uncertainly! Investors daren’t move; everything carries so much risk! But one form of investment is thriving… Gold Bullion.

You can’t pick up a newspaper or watch the evening news lately without hearing about the thriving gold price, but how, and why should you be after a ‘piece of the action’?

Building Foundations - Every private investment portfolio needs a solid base; those in the know suggest shrewd investors and savers secure at least 10% of the net worth in gold, viewed as the safest bet in time of worry. Gold has delivered such impressive performance for the past decade that it’s slowly solidifying many portfolios as investors look for performance and security.

Making sure you’re getting your 10% worth – Gold Bullion comes in an array of shapes, weights and sizes – with something to suit any investor’s budget. Investment Grade Gold

Bullion bars start at just 2.5 grams, perfect for new investors looking to test the water. At the top end of the scale,1KG bullion bars satisfy those with a larger budget. So what should you choose and why?

Bullion bars or coins? Bullion bars are available in greater weight and often represent better value but Gold Coins, specifically sovereigns have one very appealing characteristic for investors, they’re free from any capital gains tax liability, making them more appealing to some over their bullion bar counterparts. It’s important to note that gold, both coins and bars is completely VAT free, both at purchase and sale.

Where should I store my investment? That really depends on just how big your 10% is! You have options – Gold is a high value, yet very portable product – in the literal sense! First time investors are generally surprised at just how small a 1oz gold bullion bar actually is! But, its size to value ratio make storage at home in a secure location quite feasible. Larger investors will want a more secure ‘off-site’ storage solution, your local bank may be able to offer a deposit box, or you could use the services of a specialist gold bullion dealer with dedicated bullion storage facilities.

And don’t forget, it’s not all about gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion is also available for investment.

Secure your financial future, take a look at our Gold Bullion Bars and 2011 Sovereign products and start building your foundations today.

Article Last Updated: Wednesday, July 27, 2011