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Gold: A Universal Currency

On the 18 September 2014 Scotland will make one of the biggest decisions in its history.

The question that dominated the debate last night was: "What currency will an independent Scotland have?"

The Scottish Government have outlined their vision for a formal currency agreement in the following article:

However, all three main UK parties have repeatedly threatened to veto a currency union. This may yet turn out to be an idle threat, but one of the alternatives being mooted by Alex Salmond is to unilaterally use the Pound in a process known as Sterlingisation. The Adam Smith Institute believes this may actually be the most effective solution, but under Sterlingisation Scotland will likely lose the Bank of England as lender of last resort.

Many of our customers tell us their motivation for investing in Gold and Silver is their lack of confidence in the banking system. With the continued confusion surrounding the future of the United Kingdom this is the perfect time to ensure you control a portion of your own wealth.

The Gold Bullion Company recommend 2014 Gold Britannias and Mixed Year 1oz Gold Krugerrands for savvy Scottish investors looking to protect their future.

Article Last Updated: Tuesday, August 26, 2014