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Umicore: A Legacy of Precious Metals Excellence

Umicore Hanau

With over 100 years of experience in gold and silver, Umicore is a trusted name in precious metals. Though no longer a mining company, Umicore focuses on refining and recycling precious metals to the highest standards of sustainability.

Umicore 100g Gold Bullion Bar

Umicore's gold bars exhibit excellent craftsmanship and quality. Made with responsibly sourced metals, Umicore gold bars showcase the company's commitment to sustainable practices.

As an authorised Umicore distributor, The Gold Bullion Company provides customers the full range of Umicore gold and silver bars. From 1g to 1kg gold bars and 100g to 5kg silver bars, our selection of Umicore bars includes complimentary certificates of authenticity.

When you buy from The Gold Bullion Company, your Umicore metals arrive fully insured in discreet, secure packaging. Experience Umicore's legacy of precious metals excellence with free delivery in the UK. Trust Umicore gold and silver from an authorised distributor.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Umicore Logo

As a leading materials technology company, Umicore integrates sustainability into every aspect of its business. Umicore achieves this through responsible sourcing, efficient production, and recycling of precious metals.

Umicore's closed-loop business model allows the company to recover precious and other valuable metals from byproducts, industrial residues, and end-of-life materials. This enables an unending supply of precious metals while reducing the need for new mining.

By transforming waste into resources, Umicore demonstrates its commitment to a circular economy. The company's focus on sustainability has earned Umicore a position on various lists as one of the world's most ethical companies.

Excellence through Innovation

In addition to sustainable practices, Umicore is also known for its innovative production methods. The company pioneered transforming toxic byproducts into reusable materials.

Umicore operates cutting-edge precious metal refineries and production facilities. Rigorous quality testing and inspection at each stage of manufacturing ensures excellence.

Decades of experience combined with technical expertise allows Umicore to create precious metals products of unmatched quality. Umicore's innovations will continue to set the standard in sustainable metals production.

Umicore Gold and Silver Bars

Umicore's gold and silver bars encapsulate the company's legacy of innovation and sustainability. Each bar bears Umicore's trademark stamp, signifying premium quality. Umicore's gold and silver bars appeal to both individual investors and institutions.

Packaged in secure, tamper-proof assay cards, Umicore bars come with a certificate of authenticity. Customers can authenticate and validate each bar through Umicore.

When you buy Umicore bars from The Gold Bullion Company, you can trust that each bar meets its stringent quality standards. Add Umicore gold and silver bars to your precious metals portfolio today.

Umicore 100g Silver Bullion Bar1. Umicore 100g Silver Bar

Striking a strong balance between physical substance and market value, the 100g silver bar from Umicore is our current best seller – making for a generous gift or solid first time investment in precious metals.


Umicore 1g Gold Bullion Bar2. Umicore 1g Gold Bar

Small but perfectly formed, Umicore’s 99.99% pure 1g gold bar makes for a good starter investment to test the market, or a standout gift for weddings or special occasions.


Umicore 1oz Gold Bullion Bar3. Umicore 1oz Gold Bar

The ever-popular 1oz format (31.1g) is the largest of the bars in the top 3. The VAT-free nature of gold and a high £/g value make this gold bar format a popular choice with investors.


Article Last Updated: Tuesday, May 16, 2023