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Bought Gold? Wondering how to sell?

Consumer demand for physical gold bars and coins has grown exponentially over the past five years, driven primarily by the very active gold price over the past five years as people look for alternatives to sluggish traditional savings and investment options.

With so much metal now in private hands, a common question for many is how and where do they sell their investment and how can they maximise their return?

Where to sell… Firstly, a warning about the many high street and TV advertised ‘gold buying’ companies using expensive advertising and mass media marketing campaigns to attract customers – Many Scrap Gold Buyers are focussed on the scrap jewellery side of the businesses, offering far lower prices for gold per gram than the true value to cover additional handling and refining costs, these fees invariably extend to bullion bars and coins.

Look for a dedicated bullion dealer where the spread (The percentage difference between the buy and sell in relation to the actual metal value) will be far better than high street gold buying outlets. We current buy back many gold coin products, such as Royal Mint Sovereigns and Britannia’s at 0% commission, paying 100% of the true gold price1.

I’m ready to cash in my investment… The Gold Bullion Company offer an instant online valuation tool, enabling customers to quickly find an indicative price for many common gold and silver bar and coins.

To sell gold by post, send your items into us direct to our 95 Spencer Street address by Royal Mail Fully Insured Special Delivery, alternatively, call 0121 523 1047 to arrange an appointment to sell your items in person at our Birmingham Jewellery Quarter office.

On receipt of goods, we test, weigh and fully examine each and every item. It is important to note that we always value items in accordance with the gold price on the day we receive goods. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with the price offered, we will return your products without charge or delay.

1 Correct as of 31/07/2013

Article Last Updated: Wednesday, July 31, 2013