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Emirates Gold Bars

We offer a fine selection of Emirates gold bars in stock here at The Gold Bullion Company. Emirates Gold, located in Dubai and founded in 1992, processes up to 200 tons of gold per year and is the most renowned gold refinery in the Arabic region. Dubai itself has played a central role in the global gold bullion market for centuries and is commonly referred to as the ‘City of Gold’.

Unfortunately, we don't currently have any 'Emirates Gold' in stock - If you have gold or silver bullion bars or coins to sell, contact our buying team now on 01902 623 259.

The Gold Bullion one of only a few UK distributors of the fine gold investment products on offer from Emirates Gold. Our Emirates gold bars consist of 99.99 per cent pure gold and are offered in a range of weights and packages, namely blister packs (sealed plastic), Certicards (gold bar held within a card that carries certification) and boxed.

The value of Emirates gold bars

Historically, the gold market is well-known for its stability, with investors buying gold bars as a way of securing their wealth for the future. Emirates gold is no exception and although no one can predict future prices of gold with certainty, the value of Emirates gold bars is expected to hold strong in the long-term.

Compared to other more volatile markets such as paper currency and property, the gold market is considered a safe-haven for investors who are looking to lock a portion of their capital into physical assets that will retain value over time.

Larger investors tend to opt for the larger gold bars when they’re confident they won’t need access to the capital secured in them for a considerable amount of time. Small gold bars, on the other hand, are a great option for those who desire flexibility and wish to keep their investments close to hand.

The price of Emirates gold bars

The price of a gold bar can range from around £50 for a 1g bar (0.001 kilograms), to upwards of £50,000 for a 1kg bar (1000 grams). The exact price depends on the underlying gold price.

The Gold Bullion Co. offers competitive real-time pricing based on the live gold price, which is set by the London bullion market twice per day.

The Emirates Gold essentials range (blister packs) from The Gold Bullion Co. offer some of the best prices per gram compared to other bullion bar products of equivalent weight. The Emirates Gold essentials range is available in the following weights: 1g, 2.5g, 5g, 10g, 0.5oz (15.55g), 20g and 1oz (31.10g) and 50g.

Investing in Emirates gold bars

Investing in Emirates gold bars couldn’t be easier with The Gold Bullion Co.’s first-rate service. We offer free, fully insured delivery and all items are delivered within two business days. With thousands of positive and independent customer reviews, you can be confident that you’re getting an exceptional service. Real-time pricing ensures the most competitive rates and our secured and verified payment system offers complete protection of your payment details.

Don’t hold off on an investment in your future any longer. Shop our range of Emirates gold bullion bars today!

Buy Emirates gold bars from The Gold Bullion Company, a reputable and well-known UK-based family business.

Our outstanding customer service team - who have received a 99.6% positive rating in independent reviews from over 10,500 customers - backs every purchase with pre-sales advice and post-purchase support. Every purchase features fully insured delivery and our unique buy-back guarantee.