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How to Buy Gold Bars

If you require advice on how to buy gold bars, all of your questions will be answered by this guide we have put together. We often receive calls and queries from customers asking how do you buy gold bars, so this guide has been put together to take you through everything you need to know when purchasing bullion products. Many investors see gold as a safe-haven investment and most financial advisors recommend including gold as part of a diverse portfolio of assets. This quick guide will walk you through the basics of how to buy a gold bar to protect your wealth for the future. Instead of asking how do I buy gold bars, after reading this guide you will know the ins and outs of how to purchase gold bars, so you can start investing in gold.

The value of gold

Gold has an excellent track record of holding its value even in times of economic instability when other more volatile markets, such as stocks and property, have crashed.

Gold is a universal currency and most central banks hold physical gold bullion. Globally, governments trust gold and that trust is thus shared by financial advisors and individual investors.

Though no one can predict future prices of gold, its history of stability and intrinsic value instils confidence in investors.

The price of gold

The decision on when and how to buy gold bars most often comes down to individual financial needs and plans. Some investors watch the live gold price to gain insight into the market, although as there is generally little fluctuation, the key factor in deciding when to buy is often when you can afford to buy.

As bullion ownership is usually considered an investment for the future, you should carefully consider the amount you can afford to invest and leave untouched for a considerable amount of time. This is typically true for serious investors who buy large gold bars and store them without needing access for years.

For new or small investors, small gold bars offer more flexibility and can be stored at home for easy access if circumstances change. The main disadvantage of buying smaller bars is higher fashion charges (premiums that cover production and packaging). For this reason, it would be more cost-effective to buy one 10g bar rather than ten 1g bars, for example.

Gold bars are available in a range of weights and prices, from around £50 for a 1g bar to upwards of £40,000 for a 1kg bar; the exact price depends on the gold price itself. Remember, all investment gold bought and sold within the UK is VAT free.

Where and how to buy gold bars

Buying gold bars online from reputable distributors is the best way to ensure you’re getting a good deal. One of the main advantages of buying online is having access to independent customer reviews. All reputable sites should display them and it’s crucial that you view them before making a purchase.

The easiest way to ensure you’re purchasing the best gold bars that are true 99.99 per cent gold is to buy from a recognised refiner. Their gold bars will carry a fineness mark and a registration number that act as a guarantee of quality and weight. Well-known suppliers that carry fineness marks include:

By buying online, you can research your options ahead of purchasing and compare prices from different refiners. The Gold Bullion Co. offers real-time pricing that ensures competitive rates.

Reputable online distributors will also offer safe and insured delivery or, for larger investments, secure storage.

Now that you know how to buy gold bars, take some time to view our collection of hallmarked bars from reputable refiners.

Or, for more information on how to buy a gold bar, view our investing guide or call our helpful support team today on 01902 623 259.